How "necessary" is meditation?

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I wondered what your perspectives on meditation are? I have been reading some things written by several insightful people (cannot recall their names at this point) who follow the "Buddha path" and are very much at peace. Within these writings is the very clear message that daily meditation is necessary to experience presence, peace, and awakening.
I admit that I have tried to meditate for months and have found it to be laborious and anxiety inducing. I cannot seem to calm my restlessness and even the mere concept of meditating incites frustration and dread inside of me. It feels like a discipline that I am not motivated to engage in likely due to my inner resistance. I cannot determine whether meditating is just not a tool that I am meant to use or if it a matter of me being too lazy or if my ego is simply resisting and rebelling. Very curious about your experience and thoughts on the importance of mediation and so forth.

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